Evertech LLC is a private company that was founded in 2003 by a group of network engineers who wanted to get away from the big three letters companies models of support. The company has grown from break/fix support to building a data center in 2006 to start offering hosting services to small and medium size businesses that wanted to run their company with the help of Enterprise tools without having to break the bank on major investments in the IT infrastructure area. Evertech has always built systems and hosted services following the ISO standards of customer service with the small business owner in mind. Our employees are all certified geeks who love to solve IT problems as opposed to others who want to know how much to charge you first.

Artificial Intelligence technical support is set to debut with automated bots, machine learning and voice recognition to enhance our customer’s experience.


Our fully managed branch product is taking flight, includes phones, video surveillance , PC’s and cloud product integrations..


A catering company if afffected by ransomware and is happy to find out our backup system does not get affected by this attacks. Downtime is minimal.


Customers affected by Hurricane Harvey are quickly back online with our virtual office and phone disaster routing system.


Evertech because a premier certified managed service provider for Oil & Gas solutions, Hospitality and Property Management.


Evertech is one of the first email service provider to offer a full Blackberry Enterprise server 10 service to its customers as well as multitenant Good technology server.


Our server virtualization plattform is also now able to support any Windows hosted application and deliver them securely around the world, enabling our customers to run their mission-critical apps on our servers instead on having to rely on their own hardware.


Evertech launched the PCoIP offering, allowing customers to rent desktops with the latest version of Windows and Office tools without having to buy new hardware to support it.


Evertech rolls out Exchange 2010 to all our customers, allowing SMS bridges and legal archiving features.


Evertech has deployed a monitoring tool that allows our staff to proactively monitor desktops and servers to be able to anticipate issues rather than the typical reactive IT role. That solution enables our support staff to remotely handle almost every issue within minutes, rather than have to wait for the support staff to show up in your office. We do like to get out of the way and let you work on what you do.


Evertech officially launched the Email Cloud, which is a hosted Exchange product that offers businesses of any size the ability to use Microsoft Exchange ( the most popular business collaboration tool) without having to spend outrageous amounts of money on servers, software and support. Evertech Partnered with Vircom to provide the best SPAM filtering solution for our customers