Hosted Services

Hosted Communications

Having a cloud-managed voice solution is the path forward for many businesses. Lower total cost of ownership, scale as you grow, distaster recovery features are common.
Sought-after features. With Evertech, you get more possibilities such as IVR, AVR, Auto-Attendant, skills based routing, virtual call centers and call recording. Make more than voice calls with
our hosted Webex audio and video meetings.

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Virtual Desktop

Get into the emerging technology of PCoIP (PC over IP). Rent a desktop instead of investing in licenses and hardware upgrades. Enforce strict company security policies while reducing capital expenditures by renting what you need on a monthly basis.

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Virtual Servers

Rent your dedicated Windows or Linus Server from us with IIS, SQL, Apache and other services. 99.7 percent Availability as well as distributed backups will benefit your company. Never worry about buying hardware or maintenance again.

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HOSTED Exchange

Use the most popular email application without having to invest into costly hardware and software. Rent by the mailbox and take advantage of the shared calendars, synchronization to all your phones regardless of the technology as well as other options such as legal archiving, public folders and custom email rules. Visit for our current offerings.

Remote Backups

Backing up your data is important. Backing up your data to a remote site makes sense. Whatever happens in your office, we have backups for 30 days so you can access them immediately and continue on. Other companies offer restore within days, we offer ours within hours. Your backups are secure and saved with a unique key.

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24 Hours Service

Evertech can monitor your network 24×7 and be there when you need assistance. Our phones are answered around the clock regardless of weekends, holidays or weather. Our Tier 1 helpdesk can assist you as well as the ability to dispatch onsite technicians when needed. We understand our customers may need technical assistance at any time and our service is used by legal professionals, property managers and many more industries. Your business never stops and your IT partner will not leave you at 5pm.

The Real Private Cloud – no gimmicks

Evertech is an application service provider (ASP) and a managed services provider (MSP). If you are looking into a cloud solution because it makes sense for your business, as it does for many, Evertech is the cloud service that offers 100 percent privacy and data separation. Our business is based on true hosting models versus tricks and gimmicks. For example: Google offers email and file services for cheap. How does Google afford staff and data centers by selling below cost services? Simple : they sell your information. Same goes for Microsoft Office online. At Evertech, we do not read your emails and we do not scan your documents for things you may say and try to profile you. We host data and your data is private. No gimmicks, deduplication or other cost savings magical tricks. You hire us to maintain servers and this is what we do.